Grief Collage: Guide Card for Unknowing

This is a collage I made last week. I call it my guide card. The solidity of the bus and the certainty of the maps contrast with the unknown in the upper left-hand corner. That unknowingness is where we are right now in this pandemic.

Not knowing is really where we always are. We just THINK we know. The bus can break down and the maps contain paper streets to protect their copyrights.

Facing the unknown, on the other hand, brings up anxiety and grief. Many have lost loved ones. Most have lost income. All have lost freedom.

Anxiety and grief ask for the tender comforting that a crying child wants. We each have the capacity to be that comfort for ourselves. We can rest in not knowing and just let it be for a little while. We can feed the strong part of ourselves so that when it is time to act we will be ready.

May you shelter in that protective space.

With care,

Bhakti Watts, End of Life Doula