True to Life

Creating a Forum for Stillnesss

This is the collage of stillness. The busier we are the more difficult it is to see what is true. This pandemic is a time of stillness. Lots of things are becoming clear, and seeing them can be uncomfortable. Then there is the isolation. We are on Zoom talking to people more than ever, but how do we feel when we finish our Zoom call: filled up or drained? For me the difference is in how deep the conversation went. I am creating a group that initially meets over Zoom, and later in person. It be a group where we listen deeply to each other, called “True to Life” group. 

The group will meet Thursday mornings from  10 AM – noon, starting June 11th. There be no charge. Ideally, we will have 7 participants. If more people are interested, we may create a second group at a different time. Please email me if you would like to be a part of the group!

May we be true to life for the rest of our days on this beautiful earth.

With care,

Bhakti Watts, End of Life Doula

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