• Bereavement volunteer with Kindred Hospice, Seattle (current)
  • Caregiver (16 years)
  • Vigil Volunteer with Kindred Hospice, Portland (1 year)
  • Living Well, Dying Well‘s Foundations Course, Lewes, UK
  • International End of Life Doula Association training, New Jersey
  • Presence Practice Group, Portland (4 years)
  • Providence Hospice Visit Volunteer (1.5 years)
  • Dougy Center Volunteer, Portland (1 year), working with grieving children and families

Bhakti offers a luminous, tenderly compassionate, expansively respectful presence with remarkably gentle, clear boundaries…

– Vika Miller, MA and Principal, Thriving Life NVC and Community

Bhakti holds space with ease and generosity and supports people to feel grounded and safe. She also brings a keen perceptiveness in her questions that gently pierce to the heart of the issues at hand.

– Lena Richardson

Bhakti’s back
Order abounds
Good thoughts surround
Machines work
Lost stuff is found
Future gets planned
Plants are happy
Rabbits have birthdays

– Written by a longtime caregiving client


Bhakti practices meditation, lives with passion, and notices the magic in each day.