“I appreciate the excellent work you did to help the event go smoothly.” 

- a Client

“You’re such a bright light. You have to do this type of work.

-- Zoom support tech

Bhakti brought to my reality a reverence and grace around the business of dying. I had been cynical; she helped me. Ironically, she did this using humor in the face of anger. The most profound way she helped us was through simple joy. As I played my Mother's favorite song on my iPhone, Bhakti held my hand silently, allowing her wisdom and acceptance of death as a part of life to become a piece of my understanding.

- Daughter of a Client

My dad (85) lives in Portland alone.  I talk to him everyday, but it truly relaxes one part of my brain, knowing that I know you.

- Greg (Seattle)

Bhakti offers a luminous, tenderly compassionate, expansively respectful presence with remarkably gentle, clear boundaries...

- Vika Miller, MA and Principal, Thriving Life NVC and Community

Bhakti holds space with ease and generosity and supports people to feel grounded and safe. She also brings a keen perceptiveness in her questions that gently pierce to the heart of the issues at hand.

- Lena Richardson

Bhakti's back
Order abounds
Good thoughts surround
Machines work
Lost stuff is found
Future gets planned
Plants are happy
Rabbits have birthdays

- Written by a longtime caregiving client

When I'm working with a client, I'm 100% energetically invested in their dying process. This means I lean into my own community to energetically carry me through.

This is Bhakti Watts, if you don't know her, you should. Colleague, Energetic Super Hero, Death Doula Extraordinaire, Grief Support, Lovely Human, Friend. I've called on her more than once.

She lives in Seattle - You can work with her remotely via zoom and telephone from Anywhere. If you have a need for End of Life, Vigil or Grief Support, I highly recommend her.

As you can see in this photo, her warm, compassionate soul is open and luminous.

- Written by Crystal Cannon Flores