Bhakti is now offering private Reiki treatments at an office on Queen Anne.
Energy healing and relaxation

Developed in Japan and practiced for over a century, Reiki continues to grow in popularity as a complement to traditional medical treatments. Studies have shown that this energy healing can carry a host of benefits, including pain management, better sleep, even mitigating the side effects of chemotherapy.

Queen Anne Reiki treatments

I have practiced Reiki since 1996, and I am pleased to offer treatments at a private office in Queen Anne on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Each treatment takes just over an hour, for a fee of $85. 

Does Reiki really work?

Reiki is somewhat mystical–we never know what’s going to be healed, because we don’t know what’s ready to heal. Although there are naysayers, I have seen the positive impact it has for my clients and experienced positive results from my own treatments. 

As I put my hands in specific positions, the recipient’s body regulates the flow of energy; I am just a conduit, helping the body along in the process. It is relaxing and centering, presenting an opportunity to slow down and give your body and spirit respite from the demands they face every day. 

‘It feels incredible’

While the best way to see if Reiki works for you is to try it for yourself, hearing the experiences of others can be illustrative. After reading what my clients have to say below, please feel free to get in touch at to learn more–or schedule your Reiki session here.

‘I did not fully appreciate the power of Reiki until I came under the skillful hands of Bhakti Watts. It was powerful, even moving, and I felt energized and rejuvenated. Bhakti is a spiritual person with a deep, disciplined, and compassionate practice. I cannot recommend her highly enough.’

–Tetsuzen Jason M. Wirth

‘Thank you so much for the Reiki you gave to my hand today. It feels incredible, the pain is gone!’ –Gretchen M.

‘I was not into Reiki until Bhakti offered me a session. Her calm, peaceful yet focused practice is a comfort. I always leave our sessions feeling renewed. My right shoulder and my left knee had been seriously challenging. Within 12 hours subsequent to my first session, my shoulder was not painful, and after my second session, it truly released and range of motion vastly improved. And as we continue, my knee is becoming less troublesome. I cannot adequately express how deeply this experience has affected me. 

–Buffy Sedlachek

‘I have received both in-person reiki and remote reiki from Bhakti Watts. Her energy complements your energy before the session even begins! She supported me (remotely) through a client's 13-day life-ending journey. I couldn't have done it without her.’

–C.C. Flores